Chesapeake Companion, LLC

Project Schedule


While we would love to promise an completion date, it is impossible to predict.


Timing has too many variables outside of our control.  

  1. SeaDek sheets take 4-5  weeks to arrive from the warehouse.  Understanding your color choice  and pad thickness quickly is critical.  Sometimes common colors like Mocha over Black or Grey over Black are in stock. 
  2. Weather dictates many factors.  We cannot digitize, dryfit, or install with the threat of rain unless undercover.  We also cannot install in cold temperatures.  
  3. Customer response is  critical.  We email designs for approval.  We email invoices for incremented payments.  The sooner the customer responds, the quicker the project moves along.
  4. We schedule our travels  to maximize our time.  When the job is not local, it is most efficient that we schedule multiple jobs in the same geographic location.  When we request availability, please respond quickly.
  5. Fabricators are juggling their own installation projects along with many Certified Installer projects.  We send our final files as quickly as we can, but cannot demand instant fabrication.
  6. The busiest time for  SeaDek warehouse and fabricators is April – August.  If your project  is happening during this time-frame, it simply takes longer.  Starting  your project in the fall, can allow you to be first on the list to install in the Spring.

We draw your boat, work with you on all designs, and conduct your dryfit while we are waiting for your materials to be delivered to the fabricators site.  We will start working on the design once we have a signed contract.  We are typically seeing about 6-8 weeks from first contact to final installation.